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Himiko stood in front of her closet, sighing as she pulled out various dresses and laid them on her bed. Her heavy load pushed down on her panties so much that she recently upgraded to a full on maternity pair, which still rode tightly on her form. She pulled up one dress in each hand and stood in front of her mirror. "Which one do you think, Ordo. The black or the violet? Or do you think I should just wear a nice pair of jeans?" She pulled the black out fit against her belly and bust and turned to her side. "You don't think the blacks too slutty, do you?"

She could feel the cephalopod-like creature shifting about in her body indecisively. While the concept of fashion was still somewhat distant to him, he was slowly learning - occasionally he'd have input that was actually useful, but mostly she just liked talking to him. Now, though, she actually wanted an opinion. "These 'dresses.' They seem different from the things you've worn before. Why? And what does 'slutty' mean?"

Himiko blushed a bit, sitting down on the bed as she rested her hands on her large middle. "Well, I really want to impress Ryouta, and my school uniform isn't going to cut it. I don't want to be too eager to mate, but I still want to look good for him.  He was supposed to pick me up, but he said he was having car trouble, so Hasu-chan should be coming soon." She gave her belly a pat with a smile. "I guess I'm a bit nervous, that's least he didn't' seem to mind my extra curves."

"Ah, Ryouta. Are you certain this is wise? After all, we can only carry on the charade of me being some kind of theater prop for so long..." Ordo lurched again, denting out the skin of her belly in order to make a pointing gesture. "I'd say the black one."

Himiko nodded, setting the other one aside. "I'll tell him....eventually...." She started to slip the black on, tugging and pulling as it drapes over her belly, the skirt stopping above her ankles, but showing off a great deal of her cleavage. She pushed her chest up to fill it a bit better. "He seems like a good guy anyway. I'm sure he'll take it well, long as know...behave yourself." She shifted her belly a bit.

Her belly grew just a tad warmer. Was Ordo blushing? "Sorry... I sometimes get carried away on my instincts... I have not had much encounters with the males of your species though - so I am uncertain at the moment how I will react."

"Most won't react well to a tentacle probing, I can tell you that." She smiles, arching her back a bit in front of the mirror. She gave a little turn as she straightened her skirt, pushing out the pleats a bit. A loud honk of the horn filled the air as she carefully hurried down the stairs, grabbing up her purse. Hasumi waited outside, pulled close to the curve with her bust and belly just as swollen as ever. Himiko slowly lowered herself into the passenger seat. "I want to thank you again for giving us a ride to Frosties. I'll be sure to buy treats next time we're there."

Hasumi giggled. "Think nothing of it, Himi - I'm just excited to see you on a date for once!" She pulled away from the curb, Fyrra adjusting herself to allow her host better access to the steering wheel. "Just be sure you gimme all the details later, okay?" she said, adjusting her bosoms so they wouldn't bump the car horn. "I still think it's pretty neat that he likes you even with your uh - costume..."

Himiko nodded slowly, hand on her stomach as they headed out. "'s been a while, y'know...I mean, not that I got a lot of dates before Ordo know..." She sighed, looking over to her. "Ordo picked out this dress, do you think it looks ok or is it too slutty? I mean I trust his opinion and all, but slutty for a symbiote isn't the same as for a human, which doesn't help that he's made me crazy horny all the time...but not that I don't like him here, I like having someone close by all the time, but I don't want Ryouta to think I'm some kind of tramp I'm afraid my boobs are going to fall out any minute-"

"Whoa, whoa - slow down, girl!" Hasumi laughed. "Listen, you worry too much! I would've thought that all that tentacle sex would mellow you out. Just be yourself around Ryouta, okay? You look pretty - attractive, but not slutty, I don't think. Just have a nice time, and whatever happens, happens. And hey - I think you'd make his freakin' day if you had a little wardrobe malfunction," she winked.

Himiko took a deep breath. "Yeah...yeah you're right Hasu-chan." She smiled and sank back in her seat a bit. Soon they pulled up outside Frosties, a popular ice cream shop for many of the local students. She slowly lifted herself up, hands rubbing her belly nervously as she opened the door. "Don't wait up." She giggled, waddling up toward the door. There were a couple of people enjoying sweet treats of all kinds, many were couples enjoying the atmosphere as pop music played. She spied Ryouta over in a booth, waiting anxiously as she slowly made her way over.

Ryouta's anxious face broke into a smile as she waved and walked over. "You came! I-I mean, hey..." he said, shaking her hand. She felt a warmth in her cheeks as she touched him, and Ordo twitched deep inside her womb - she prayed her date didn't notice. "Oh, you're wearing the prop again?"

"Er, yeah...rehearsal was running late so..I headed right over. Must have forgot to take it off." She chuckled, lowering herself down opposite him. "So, I hope you weren't waiting too long." She shifted uneasily, belly squishing down between her thighs as her breasts squished heavily against the table. The shop, it seemed, wasn't quite equipped for a woman of her girth.

"No, not at all," Ryouta said, shaking his head. "I'm glad you can make it... I guess I've really been looking forward to our date." Ordo grumbled in the back of her mind, readjusting himself to try and fit in the cramped space. Unfortunately, this caused her to spread her legs a little further to fit the belly between her thighs, some of Ordo's bulging tendrils nudging against her nethers.

Himiko blushed heavily, trying to push her thighs together under the table. "Mme too...So, what happened to your car

He waved his hand nonchalantly. "Oh, I just had to take it in for an oil change," he said, picking up the menu. "Do you know what you want?"

"Yeah, I'm craving one of their extra-sized hot fudge sundaes." She rubs her belly gently, feeling the tentacles within her slip further down her canal. "Mmhn....I little cookie bits..."

She held the menu in front of her face to hide the fact she was biting her lip. The table was squeezing Ordo downward, putting delicious pressure on her cunt, though she worried she'd sprout tentacles under the table if she didn't rein it in a little. "Yeah, those are pretty good, just don't make yourself sick! I think I'll get a chocolate-dipped cone... wait here, I'll put our order in."

She nods happily to him as he walks to the counter. Slowly she pushed the table a bit away from her full belly, whispering down to her round gut. "Mmn, can you cool it with the tentacles? It's bad enough he's cute, I don't need you riling me up down there also."

"S-sorry..." Ordo whispered, even though no one could hear him. "Your emotional state is affecting me a bit... I fear after this is over, I shall need to find some way to work off the tension." With more space, he pulled his limbs back into her womb.

"I'll see what I can do. Hasumi's always up for that kind of thing." She rubs over her belly slowly, looking up as Ryouta started walking back. Once again she spread her thighs and rested her bust on the table, supporting her head with her hand. "Heya we have to wait long?"

He shook his head, partially to answer you and partially to tear his gaze away from your mammaries. "N-no, it shouldn't be too long. So... how's the play coming?"

"It's coming along well...all the actors are...mhn....fitting into their roles quite well..." She felt Ordo adjust to her space, retracting the tentacle giving her as much pleasure as having it slip inside her. "I-I'm sure you noticed Hasumi, she's in on it also..." She squirmed a bit, thighs slipping against one another.

"Yes - and who's that other girl in your class... Michiya? The one with the glasses? I didn't take her for the acting type..." Her thighs thickened slightly, the displaced tentacles finding other places to squeeze themselves into.

"Michiyo; and yeah, she's in it too...mmghh...she's...ahhnn...d-doing quite well with it..." She moans as her bottom filled out, thighs squirming as her rear end plumpened with Ordo's heavy mass. She was at least thankful she went with a long enough skirt to hide all the odd growth.

Ryouta glanced over at the counter, where they were starting to put the finishing touches on Himiko's sundae. "Hey... are you alright? Sounds like you've got a stomachache or something."

"n-no, I'm ok....really." She pushes back and forth, settling on her much more plush bottom as she leaned forward, cleavage pushing out noticeably. "So, how about you...what do you do after school usually?"

"Me...? Oh, not much," he said, looking away shyly. "Mostly I just play video games or hang out with my friends, you know - the usual."

"Yeah, me too. Good thing the homework has been so light, it makes it easier to hang out." She felt a deep rumble inside of her belly, hips widening as she gave her skirt a tug. The server arrives with both their orders as Himiko smiles up to her, turning back to Ryouta.

"So, I know you can't talk about the script, but do you at least know when the play will debut? I'd like to see it," Ryouta said, taking a few licks of his treat. Ordo groaned in her mind, the pressure and arousal difficult for him to ignore. "Eat..." he begged. "Hopefully it will distract us..." A tendril bulged out her dress behind her navel, forced outward in search of room.

Himiko bit her lip, pushing a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth, followed by another. "Mhph...c-can you with a secret?" She blushed horribly, the sensations driving her crazy as she patiently devoured the large meal, filling her belly scoop by scoop.

"A secret?" he asked. The rich, creamy fudge filled her stomach, the ice cold dessert cooling her lust a few degrees. Ordo thrummed happily for the moment, though she figured it was only a temporary reprieve. "What kind of secret?"

   "Well, it's kind of a hard-to-believe type thing, but I swear it's true...and please don't freak out or anything...." She licked up another few spoonfuls, a little plop of whipped cream plopping on her cleavage as she gasped at the cold sensation. "Oooohhh...."

Ordo piped up. "You can't tell him here...! He won't believe you without proof, at least."

"Oh... you uh, spilled..." Ryouta blushed as he picked up a napkin, unsure whether it was more proper to give it to her or to clean it up himself. "Well, whatever the secret is, I'm pretty open-minded..."

Himiko blushed, taking the napkin gently and rubbing her breast with a smile. "Mmhn...c-could you excuse me for one second." She gently placed the spoon down into the mostly empty glass bowl before her, holding a hand over her navel as she waddled toward the girls room, her big bottom swaying left to right in full vision of Ryouta right up until she closed the door. She placed her belly into her hands. "I know, I plan to tell him outside, but the whole play's getting out of I really like him...."

Her belly seemed to nod in her hands, the tiny tentacle-tip swirling just outside her navel. "Agreed... we cannot keep up this lie. Telling him might be a wise choice... I simply wish we knew him better - what if he cannot accept the reality of me, an otherworldly being? He could cause us a lot of trouble..." She looked out of the restroom, opening the door a crack and watching him eat his ice cream. Gods, he was cute... "On the other hand, I can sense that you very much desire closeness with him..."

Himiko nodded, touching her finger to the small tentacle growing from her bellybutton. "I'm sure he'll be fine with it. I mean...I hope he is...besides, it is getting a little harder to hide you, did you get a bit bigger?" She looked over her rump and hips, petting down along her side and giving a squeeze. "Or maybe just a bit too many sundaes..."

"It doesn't work that way," Ordo chided. "If you'd but remember, my body has replaced much of the tissue in your body - my numerous limbs function like muscles and bones for you. You don't have any place for fat to accumulate - those nutrients simply go to me. I'd... I'd thought my acclimation to your body and to this plane was finished, but you're right, I have started growing again... I'm afraid I'm not sure why."

"Hm...well...I guess I can't complain about having a bigger bottom....long as it's all not weighing me down up front." She jiggles and pats her bottom, swishing her backside. "Still, I hope Michi comes back soon, she could hopefully have some answers." She gently presses the tentacle up inside her again, waddling out back to the booth as she sits down. "Mhn...Hey you mind if we go for a walk after this?" She munches on the rest of her sundae, shifting her bottom.

"Oh? Uh, sure - yeah I'd love to!" he said, not expecting the offer. "M-must be heavy walking with that though," he said sheepishly. "So... maybe we could hold hands...?" Ordo squirmed grandly as she heard this, stirred by her desire to touch him, even this small amount. He raised an eyebrow as the strange 'glorp' noise emanated from her in time with her symbiote's movement.

" is quite heavy..." She licks up the last of her ice cream, slowly standing to her feet as Ryouta left the money on the table. An audible slithering noise seemed to emanate from Himiko's belly as she held onto his hand firmly.

They left the store hand in hand, Ryouta offering to share the last half of his cone with her as they walked. He tried not to ogle her bulge - did it look different? "So... what's this secret you were talking about?"

Himiko pushed aside a brown lock of hair as she held his hand tightly, walking along the sidewalk. "Well...see, the thing is....this isn't exactly a may be hard to believe, but this..." She held her belly in her hands. "-is alive and part of me...I'm bonded to a symbiotic creature."

He gave her a quizzical look. "Hey, that's not nice... I'm not stupid, you know."

She looked around them with a sigh, pulling him toward an alley as she pushed Ryouta's hand against her middle. "I'm serious, you can feel it moving around in there."

He obediently felt around what he assumed was a prop, Ordo doing his best to writhe against
her skin in a way that didn't seem like animatronics or random bubbling. "Wow... that feels really weird... But it's not possible, is it? I mean, I've never heard of anything like it!"

"It's real, I promise. Me and my friends seem to have become hosts to them. We were playing around with a book of spells body became home to this guy. His name's Ordo..." She
gently rubbed under her belly, coaxing a thin white tentacle from her navel.

He looked at it, dumbfounded. The tiny thing reached out and curled around his finger, seeming
to shake his hand. "N-no way..."

Himiko held his other hand tightly. "Please...I know what you must think of me, but...but I really like you and all, and...I figured if I was honest..." The girl leaned against the wall, eyes welling up with tears. "I'll understand if you don't want anything to do with me, but please don't' tell anyone else..."

"No... no no no, don't cry!" he said, panicking a little. "That's not it at all... you just caught me off guard, that's all. I-I mean, who would've seen this coming...?"

"No, I'm alright...I don't know...I just wanted to tell you so bad, but I didn't think about how you'd really react or anything." She sighs, wiping her eyes a bit. "I must look like a freak..."

"You're not a freak," he said, taking a chance and wiping away a tear with his sleeve. "You know... I always thought you were kind of cute. And this doesn't really change that."

   Himiko smiled, gently wrapping her arms around him as she felt Ordo squeeze against her body firmly, his shape distending her womb and pushing down again. "Mmhnn....Thank you...I..I hope you don't think any less of me, but I could really use some relief....he puts a lot of pressure...down here..." She blushed, rubbing her bottom and belly.

Ryouta reddened a bit, looking around the alley. "You... you want to... with me...? Out here?"
he looked embarrassed.

Ordo squirmed again, wrapping his tendril possessively around the boy's back. "I can make us invisible back here, for long enough, anyway... just convince him...!"

Himiko blushed, looking aside. "Ordo says he can make us both invisible for now..." She felt the symbiote inside her writhing in anticipation deep within her tight passage. "Oohhhn....he's driving me crazy...." She sighs, wriggling out of her soaked panties.

Ryouta's eyes widened as her sopping underwear hit the ground. He looked nervous, but more than a little excited... and on more than one level. "A-alright... but... he's not going to infest me or something, is he...?"

", he's fully contained in me, and he hasn't spawned any eggs or anything, so I think you're safe..." She bends down, wiggling her large bottom seductively. "Although you are the first boy I've had since getting him."

"Well... what's life without chance, right?" he said, shrugging nervously. He stepped forward, starting to peel the dress off her bulging form. He led her over to the wall so she could support herself, then shyly began to unbuckle his jeans.

Himiko leaned forward to the wall, sliding the dress aside as she wrapped an arm around her nipples. "Mhm, if you're going to make us invisible, now would be a good time...." She glanced back as she felt Ordo push around her body, several tentacles barely visible between the lips of her swollen womanhood, her bottom rippling gently in anticipation.

"Excuse my forgetfulness," Ordo chuckled, a barely-visible field erecting at the entrance to the ally. "This should keep most away, as well as make us undetectable..."

Ryouta hesitated, feeling the heat of her flower against the tip of his member. He watched her sex pulse and writhe, the tips of foreign bodies quite evident. "I'm not sure about--" he began, only to be interrupted as the tendril from her belly curved around between their legs and shoved him from behind.

Himiko moaned as she felt her body contract at the sensation, her warm sex engulfing Ryouta deep as she let out a cry of passion. "Aaah! Oohhh....." She tried to stifle herself, quite used to being quiet during sex by now. Ordo's tentacles slid around the invading shaft, caressing the length curiously as Himiko's tremendous backside gave him a plush surface to lean against while pumping her deep.

Ryouta moaned, his legs buckling for a moment as he felt Himiko's sex come alive, Ordo's tentacles exploring his shaft. "Nngh... this is amazing, Himi..." He looked self-consciously at the field, but soon let himself go, thrusting inside her. He was rather hung for a man his size...

Himiko could feel every inch, moaning as her hand stroked her chest, feeling Ordo churn heavily within her tight form. "Oohh my! Yess...mmhh...oh you feel incredible, take me!" Her warmth enveloped his shaft, rippling down as the tentacles within began to twist around it. He could feel her large hips cushion each and every pump inside her gravid frame.

He groaned happily as he picked up his pace, gripping her breasts in his hands. "Ohh, you look so wonderful... bouncing around like that... I... I'm really starting to like that body of yours..." he mumbled, shaking with pleasure. He felt another tendril swirling about the tip of his shaft, making him twitch involuntarily.

"Mmhn I could tell...ohhhnn...." Her hand slipped down over her belly, feeling the mass of
tentacles push out around her pussy, filling her completely as they slowly reached along Ryouta's shaft, slowly inspecting his thighs and sack. One tentacle deep near Himiko's cervix swelled outward, forming a cup shape that began to envelope Ryouta's tip, slipping a few inches down his member slowly. "Aaah! Oohhnnhh...too-much! So...stretched...." Himiko held her belly as her tentacles curled out from her navel, wrapping around her sides a bit as they flailed along the ground.

"Aah.. Ahhn! It's sucking me!" he cried, the mass of flesh bunching about his shaft, making Himiko's passage tighter than ever before. The tendril enveloping his member began to suckle softly, feeling like some kind of alien mouth, specifically shaped for him. He gripped her shoulders, pounding her from behind fast and hard, tentacles flowing over the ground like a bizarre mattress for them both.

Himiko closed her eyes as the large mass within her shifted and wobbled, belly rippling with long ropey tendrils. Several of the ones expanding from her wet cunt held Ryouta close, stroking along his naked form in more of an exploratory fashion then anything sexual, wet white tendrils snaking up along his chest and gripping him tightly. Himiko's bottom bounced wildly as the girl's heavy shape wobbled from the intense pleasure of both her lovers.

He felt like his skin was alive, slimy limbs petting and stroking everywhere they could reach, exciting him beyond words. He started to slow, a nervousness in his eyes. "I.. I don't want to make you pregnant..." he stammered, unsure of how the strange symbiosis would treat his sperm.

"I'm...uuhhnn..unsure of the rules hon...ooghh..." She groans, belly shrinking a bit as the tentacles leaving her form released some of the pressure. Four huge five foot long tentacles supported her weight,  with spindly stalks with eyes glowing a faint violet kept watch over the lovers. About six longer, thinner tentacles caressed along Ryouta, cupping his bottom and his sack as they wrapped around his arms and legs. Even from Himiko's tongue extended a long pink tentacle, lashing about in the air, yet made speech still possible. It was hard for her to gauge exactly what would happen if Ordo took in his sperm, but by the intense pleasure flooding both of them, they were going to know very soon. Her pussy clenched tightly as she came once more, each orgasm as mind blowing as the last.

Ryouta whimpered and moaned, the tendrils teasing his cock and massaging his sack were too much to ignore. He shivered as he looked Ordo in the eyes, fearful of what his body was about to do. Her pussy gushed fluids about him, her muscles and the creature's slimy skin combining to coax forth an orgasm that he couldn't deny even if he'd wanted to. "Himi... I... ahhhh!!" he cried out, his whole body bucking as his organ erupted with cum.

Himiko cried out as she felt him release deep inside, the tentacle surrounding his length distending with the powerful load he was pumping inside her. She rested on the large mass below, the tentacles now supporting her two on the wall and two on the floor. Her hips wiggled and pressed back against his length, tendrils tugging him against her backside as she ran a hand over her sweat covered bust. "I mmhn...I can't believe it..ohhn..felt soo good...." She sighed, looking back at him as best she could.

He convulsed in Ordo's grip, his eyes rolling back as he nearly fainted, the gentle suction drawing more seed from him than he thought he had in his whole body. "Ungh... oh... hah...! I never thought it could be like this..." He rested there, Ordo still holding them tightly together.

Himiko slowly twisted herself to her side, hand stroking down Ryouta's cheek and through his hair. "Mmhn...this...isn't usually how my first dates go...or any dates for that matter..." She blushed, still connected to him tightly, even as he eased himself out the white tendril held fast to his cock like a condom.

"Ohh... guess Ordo likes me..." he blushed, stroking the tendril stuck to him. He laid down next to her, letting the copious limbs cradle them.

"Looks like it...well you are the first male he's ever 'seen'" She giggled, pulling him closer as she looked at her belly. "How about you? What did you think Ordo?"

"That was... amazing... so this is what intimacy is meant to be among your species..." he mused. "Well, more or less. I... apologize if I intruded at all."

Ryouta's eyes widened, hearing the symbiote completely as Himiko pet along a large tentacle protruding from her middle. He looked to Himiko. "Is.. is that him!? H-how is he talking without a mouth...?

"Mhn...he talks to me in my mind. You can hear him too since we're connected like this." She smiles, slowly petting his side with her hand as she twisted around, hands on his shoulders as the tentacles began to retract into her body slowly, the largest ones slipping into her belly. "Don't worry, if anything, you made it much more intense hon.  C'mon Ordo, say Hi."

  "Greetings, Ryouta. It is not everyday I am privileged to speak with another apart from Himiko. Meeting your acquaintance was... exciting. I hope that you will continue to court her in the future..."

Himiko grinned, batting her lashes up at him as she looked seductively over her shoulder. "Mmn, I hope so too...."

Ryouta smiled, petting along her leg. "I... don't think I could say no after all that..." Satisfied with the answer, Ordo relinquished him, disappearing back into his host.

Himiko closed her eyes as she felt Ordo retract completely inside her, her belly and bottom filling out huge and round as before. They dried off as best they could before putting on their clothing, walking hand in hand back to Ryouta's house, chatting and talking happily. Himiko blushed on Ryouta's doorstep. "um...I had a great time tonight...n-not just know...but everything."

"Well... we might not have a 'normal' relationship I guess... but I'm still really glad to have you..." He leaned over, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I'd like it if we still went on actual dates though... but I won't say no to a little 'relief' now and then, either," he chuckled, patting her full tummy.

"Heh me neither." She gave a slight purr at the petting. She leaned up to return the kiss, whispering in his ear. "Thanks for the wonderful time." Slowly she turned toward the curb as Ryouta closed the door, taking out her cell phone to call up Hasumi.

A cheerful voice picked up on the other end. "I was starting to wonder if you'd call... how was your date, Himi-chan?" Hasumi giggled into her ear. "Looks like he didn't keep you out all night, it's only 11:30."

"Er, we decided to cut it short...something came up...and out all over..." She continued to pet along her body. "But I really like him and he wants to see me again, can you believe it?" She laughed, chatting with her friend as she waited by the curb. As she sat down, she thought she felt a heavy tentacle push down on her lower body, but dismissed the oddly round growth as she continued to gush about her date.
Yet another installment! It was interesting to see where this one went, I hadn't even noticed for a good long while that there weren't any male characters in this story. Guess I'm easily distracted...

Anywho, I got really sick of italicizing Ordo's speech, so it's normal here - no, it's not a sign of something changing with him/Himiko, it's just impractical to go through and put the damned i-tags around every one of his lines.

As always, big thanks to :iconifrit-7:
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Definitely looking forward to Chapter 10. Also, if you'd type it up using a program like OpenOffice or LibreOffice (two popular free open source office productivity suites, another popular option to consider is Abiword, a free word processor that's comparable to Microsoft Word in many ways) as an html document you should just have to highlight the text like you would any other word processor document and then click the little italics icon on the tool bar and it should automatically insert the tags for you, unless of course there's something I'm missing about posting documents on dA (I'm assuming that you can use most html markup tags within documents on dA, I know I've used a couple occasionally in comments I've posted, so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do so in a document).
Oh? I do use OpenOffice! Thank you so much - I'll look into that.
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Did I say chapter? Sorry! I meant paragraph.
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Michiyo's name is misspelled in paragraph 24, but it's corrected in the next chapter. Leave it. I like it.
Yes, I had him mis-speak her name because he's unfamiliar with it.
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Oh! That's cool!
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For HSS? No, as far as I know the only two illustrations are in my favorites, under 'story pics.' Why?
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I was just wondering.
Can't wait till the next chapter!
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Really? I love fanart!
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I never rush free stuff. :)
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I just wanted to point this out: "[...], partially to answer you and partially to tear his gaze away from your mammaries. [..]" probably want to fix that
RiddleAugust Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
Whoo! I wasn't sure how well a dude would fit with - or even IN - any of the heroines, but this was super hot!
High praise, fellow storyteller! Thank you so much!
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