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Michiyo furiously scratched out another line of baffling syllables, rewriting it again and again, tweaking it each time until it began to make sense. The book hid many secrets; it was as if the authors wanted to save some knowledge for themselves rather than provide full disclosure on the strange dimension bordering their own world. But the more late nights she spent with the tome, the more she was starting to see the significance of the cryptic hints and unexplained references left in the text.

Sachiyo leaned against a wall as Michi worked, fiddling with her phone a bit. At certain times, Michi would ask her to Google some obscure phrase or wording, but for the most part she was baffled by her friend's work. "You've been at this a couple hours, why not take a break? I mean, it looks like you're making some progress."

Michi fumbled with the pen, an errant stripe of ink whisking across the page as her hand faltered due to dividing her attention between writing and listening, not to mention the factor of her exhaustion. She sighed and rested her head on the desk, folding her arms for a temporary pillow. The act of leaning forward caused her to spread her legs involuntarily, the pregnant-looking belly pushing them out of its way. "I think you're right," she muttered, voice muffled by the desk as she took off her glasses for a moment. "I just can't help it, you know? I want to crack this so I can know more about what's going to happen to Hasumi and Himiko..."

Sachiyo looked up and slowly walked toward her, resting her hand on her back and rubbing gently. "I know, seems I missed a lot while I was working after school. I'm just glad everyone's alright so far. Anyway, pushing yourself too hard isn't going to help anyone." She looked over the pages she was working on, half of it in Japanese, the other in strange elaborate runes and drawings.

Michi gestured to her scrawlings. "There's something here - common words and phrases from different rituals. I think it's more than just a simple incidence of writing style. Bits and pieces reappearing, it's like all the spells are variations of something - like a prototype spell, if such a thing exists...? And there's multiple references to this other... dimension," she said, rubbing her eyes. "And a lot of it seems to vary, too - like it's secondhand knowledge or something. It almost makes me think that though the author of the book may be human, it was inspired by one of these things..."

"Yeah... I guess..." Sachiyo continued to look over the bits, shifting the spells out of Michiyo's careful order as she put some of the runes against one another. "Hm, these look pretty cool, like one big continuous line. Almost looks like a smiley or something, except..." She folded one paper in half, placing it next to the other. "There we are. See, even your notes want you to take it easier."

The scholarly girl gave a half-hearted chuckle at the amused-looking jumble of characters, putting on her glasses again and reading them over again.  As her eyes fell over the notes, she noticed something odd. The repeated parts of both texts seemed to overlap in new ways, noticeably over where Sachiyo folded the note. The three rune circles she used formed a new shape, with lines of repeated text forming branches and the edge of the repeated runes the outline of a new, much larger circle.

She was silent a moment, scribbling some new notes down and gently rearranging the new shape. "Is that how it works? Repeating the opening invocations, the calls across the veil, omitting all mentions of invitation... the words don't have the same format or rhythm, but its still circular..."

"Um, Michi, you feeling ok?" Sachiyo watched her scribble like mad, eyes following over her work as she pulled at various notes, folding and placing them all over the desk. Slowly, she began to move the mess to the floor. Sachiyo helped push some of the paper together, the runes forming some kind of noticeable circle, a large portal with what appeared to be dozens of strange shapes. The edges appeared to be made of fire, the loops and edges of runes simulating flames. As the last piece was fitted, the whole circle was almost six feet around, with several slices in the center.

Michi walked obsessively about the circle, smiling and laughing at some unseen revelation. Her eyes darted rapidly between it and the inside cover of one of her notebooks-  her 'Rosetta Stone-' lined with a piece-by-piece breakdown of the basics of the translations and pronunciations she'd puzzled out thus far. She read aloud from the notes on the ground almost without thinking about it, more to sort and reaffirm the beautiful symmetry of the accidental discovery than anything else.

The runes along the outside edge began to glow, the notes turning orange as the smell of smoke filled the air. "Whoa whoa!" Sachiyo pressed her hands to the edge of the book, pushing it down from Michi's face. "Shouldn't we be a bit more careful? I mean...the first house where my aunt found the book...didn't that place burn down?"

Michi snapped out of it, shaking her head. "Y-you're right... I'm so sure this is part of the answers I'm looking for, but it might be a better idea to do this somewhere else." She blushed by way of apology, drawing a smaller version of the circle in her notes to record it.

Sachiyo nodded, looking over at Hitomi as she rubbed the enormous plant-woman. "Think she could help us find a better location?" Sachiyo's hand pet along her swollen side and up to the fruit-like breasts that hung down from the enormous bulb.

Michi cleaned up her workspace, electing to sort most of it out later now that she had the sketch to study whenever she pleased. "Well, immobile like this, she's hardly a tour guide... but she knows a lot that we don't. It's probably a good idea to ask - I mean, it couldn't hurt, right?" She slid her fingers along the glossy green surface, peering through the translucent skin, though the eye wasn't apparent. "Hitomi? Are you awake?" she asked, though in truth she had no idea if the being she had become truly slept.

The eye slowly opened, tendrils trailing around their thighs as one began to snake up toward Michi's crotch. She stood firmly in front, spreading her legs a bit as her hand steadied herself on the large bulb. Sachiyo watched as it started flowing inside the girl, still a bit unused to the repeated 'union' that Michiyo and Hitomi had shared several times since they began.

"Michiyo....Something on your mind?" Azenor asked in his usual slow, terse manner.

"Y-yes, actually," she said, resting her head on Hitomi's side while she communed with Azenor, her body comforted by a fuzzy feeling of warmth from the connection. "I think I'm close to a breakthrough - the ritual I've pieced together is less complicated, but more powerful and unpredictable... I feel like the only way I can figure out the answers I need is to work backward from what the book is telling me - this might be one of the first spells the author learned, or close to it. But I don't want to do it here, it's not safe..."

Azenor remained quiet as the large tendril idly squirmed within her moist passage. "Near the river...empty land, secluded. Will ensure flame won't spread. Small cabin, Hitomi and I first met." The large symbiote concentrated as Hitomi flashed inside Michiyo's mind briefly, showing her a mental picture depicting the area. It was a small overgrown clubhouse with no roof.

Michi balked at the image - a clubhouse in the woods? It was obviously a different one than the one she and her own friends had been using, but she couldn't the odd parallel between the two generations of summoners. "A cabin? That sounds like how Himiko and Ordo met... Is it just coincidence?"

"Possible." Azenor began to release from Michiyo's nethers. "Long hike, due south."

Michi gave a soft moan and stepped back, blushing as she readjusted her underwear in front of Sachiyo. "Well, he knew a place... might take a bit to get there though. Walking though the woods is going to be such a chore like this," she sighed.

Sachiyo nodded, petting her stomach. "I'll help you along if you need it." Both girls headed upstairs, preparing themselves for the hike as Sachiyo packed a couple bottles of water and a few sandwiches. Michiyo slipped on something a bit more practical then her skirt and loose panties, a pair of jeans that rode up snug under her large belly, showing off her rounded hips and bottom.

She caught herself thinking about what others might say to see her new curves in such tight-fitting clothing. Her previous wardrobe was sensible on her old body, but she could help but feel overly provocative no matter what she wore, lately. She wondered what Ordo would think of it...

Shaking her head and focusing on the task at hand, the two of them set out - Sachiyo carrying the pack with the book and their supplies while Michi hobbled along awkwardly, picking up an old tree branch and using it as a staff to steady herself.

Sachiyo took a swig from her bottle, watching Michi's bottom sway heavily side to side, giggling a bit to herself. As overgrown as Izumi's house was, her backyard was much worse. Long grass made travel difficult, but small copses with vivid blossoming flowers kept their spirit up. Soon they heard the bubble of a large stream, the bend of it working around a simple wooden clubhouse. Vines climbed along the sides and around the top, with large holes opening to the bare floor of the middle.

Michi took a moment to appraise their surroundings. The wood looked damp from years of neglect, she doubted it or the vines that covered it would encourage any errant blaze the ritual might cause. Even if her plans did go up in smoke, the nearby stream could help them put out fires, and none of the plant life nearby was particularly dry. "Yes... this should work," she said, drawing the circle in the dirt with her stick.

Sachiyo placed the pack on the ground, taking out the book as she opened it up. ", once you get this spell working, what exactly is going to happen?" She slowly took the notes out, helping Michi draw the circle as she had done before.

"I'm not entirely sure... it might summon the being that helped to write this book, or let the casters gaze into the world of the symbiotes - all I know for certain is that it was a spell much like this that helped make the author so knowledgeable about them. We have to cast it." She was resolute, convinced that this time, she knew what she was doing. She knew enough about the magic to cancel out the energies if they went against her expectations again.

"Well alright...but I'm sure there must be a reason they hid this spell so deeply." Sachiyo took a seat as the last inch of the circle was completed, runes almost flickering in the light interrupted by passing clouds. A warm breeze started to flow as Michi stood up and began the complex incantations.

She stood as far back as she could, a heat starting to glow from the collection of symbols, the wavy, flame-like characters starting to glow like embers. Part of her worried just why this heat was bound into the spell... but there was no turning back now; she had to know what it did.

The flames rose up around the circle, heating the air sharply as it began to swirl and intensify, turning a deep violet. The wind around them picked up as the inner circle glowed a vivid pink. Runes began to spiral in mid air, twisting and turning as clouds gathered over the shack. Lightning sparked around the edge as the girls were pushed back against the walls. The flames incinerated the last of the roof, leaving a large column standing before them. The front of it began to open slowly, revealing a cool black space within.

"What in...?" Michi braced herself for several heartbeats, staring into the darkness and waiting for something to emerge. This was unlike any summoning spell she'd read of - they were merely supposed to call forth a being, not to cause what looked like an open rift. "I think... we can go through..." she mumbled, walking slowly toward the opening.

"Michi wait!" Sachiyo called as Michi approached the strange opening, the flames drawing apart like a curtain as she walked closer. Sachi followed as best she could, the cool air from beyond blowing through both girls. They could only make it a few short steps before they emerged in a twilight-lit place, land under their feet stopping after a meter or so. Strange shapes floated around as bright chasms arched across the sky like lightning. A low rumble filled the air, the whole world feeling like a cold, neglected relic. Dozens of symbiotes floated about aimlessly, some pursuing flashy orbs for food, others huddling under large boulders.

"The spell..." she said, numbly trying to explain to herself how she had come to be standing on an alien world. Her head started to hurt slightly just from adjusting to the strange physics of the realm; the horizon seemed to curl upwards and go on forever, the light seemed to come from all directions, and bizarre landscapes floated and intersected at strange angles, water often defying gravity as it flowed.  "It's unfinished, primitive... it rips a hole straight through the barrier of our worlds, rather than just move something across it..."

Sachiyo looked around, standing next to Michi as she spied a small creature clinging to a stone. Though her instincts told her otherwise, she slowly moved in for a closer look. Its five arms gripped the stone tightly, flat thick body like that of a starfish with a large sphere in the middle. As she leaned over the rock, the orb opened to reveal an eye, sending Sachi onto her bottom. "Aah! A-are these what the aliens look like for real?"

"Aliens? What do you mean?" The creature pushed itself up onto two of its arms, cart wheeling off of the stone slowly. "Hm...fleshy's been a long time since your kind have been here..."

"It-it spoke...I know...I heard it..." Sachiyo watched it roll and move around on its own. Several thinner but longer arms reached behind it as it supported itself up on two legs.

Michi nodded studiously, quickly overcoming her shock to embrace the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity their trip had afforded them: now she was in the symbiote's home plane, surely she could learn more about them here? "Well, I suppose it's not all that surprising... this is their home - they should be able to function here without a need for a host... is that right?" she asked the one-eyed creature.

"Yes, although I don't know how much longer it'll last." It moved in a dejected manner, turning toward the vast open space before them, punctuated by small flat islands. "This whole place is coming apart at the seams."

She glanced up at the strange sky, realizing the lightning-like chasms looked more like cracks, creeping across the very atmosphere itself. "Your world... it's dying? But why?" She was dumbfounded - why had Ordo never spoken of this?

"It never used to be like this. The old tales say that once this place was like the other world; bright sky, green earth, and vast oceans. We lived here at the whim of your kind, trading magical favors for a little of your life energy. But it's been years since any humans have come. With no spell casters to keep it together, this place is slowly fracturing." It slid a bit closer to the two women, it's tentacles moving up toward Sachiyo. She leaned back in fear, but it merely dipped them into the open water bottle at her waist.

She did her best to sit next to the strange creature, folding her legs to the side, out of the way of her belly. It was fascinating to watch - it moved like a starfish did in the water, but without the sluggish, blind meanderings - it moved purposefully, flexing its malleable anatomy expertly to squeeze a thick tendril through the bottle's narrow opening. "My name's Michiyo, and this is my friend, Sachiyo. I... guess you could call me a spell caster, at least a novice one. Do you have a name?"

It leaned up as it drank down the water at her hip, absorbed in it's drinking until the bottle was dry. "Ahh...sorry to scare you like that, it's been a while since I've seen water. My name is Kyune, it's nice to make your acquaintance. Are there more spell casters by chance?"

"Well... sort of," she said, scratching her head. "My friend Himiko back home was the first to summon your kind in a while, but there were some people before us a few years ago, too... do you need anything else? We have a little food with us."

"It's alright...with inexperienced spell casters like yourself though, I doubt you could do little to stabilize this realm." Kyune watched as several volomin flew in formation, sending energy signals between one another. "We don't need food and water technically, it's just more of a comfort thing."

"Are those volomin?" Michi asked, looking up and subconsciously rubbing her middle. "That's what my friend summoned..."

"Yep, you seem quite versed in our kind." Kyune rolled toward Michi, standing before her as a tendril moved up toward her stomach. "I see you have made a pact with a symbiote already. It's become our only way of escaping this realm, but it's been rare."

"Well, not really," Michi replied, blushing slightly as she realized she'd have to explain a little more than she was comfortable with. "Erm... the seminoth inside my friend, Himiko, had a rather... intimate encounter with me." She lightly thumped her belly for emphasis. "There's nothing alive in there - I guess the seed just solidified... I tried to figure out a way to remove it a while ago, but, well I haven't had time..."

"Those types of symbiote are quite rare...I'm surprised you managed to find one." Kyune looked out across the darkness. "Hm...I remember an old Azenor told me once that the seminoth could be the key to saving our kind. You'd need a male and a female though, and one body can't hold two summons..."

"An Azenor?" she asked, sitting upright suddenly. "What did it mean? Is it still here? And... how would you get the male and female together?"

"Yeah it's still around I guess, they don't move around much. In fact, there's a grove but you'd need wings to move around here. The volomin float on energy, so they get a pass I guess..." He backed up as Michi leaned over excitedly. "I-I don't know, I just remember talking to him for a long while. Not much else to do around here, y'know."

She nodded, jotting Kyune's words down in her notebook, determined to figure out a way across the gap eventually. "I see... Well, I'm not sure how to do that just yet, but I promise if there's anything I can do to help later, I'll do it."

"I appreciate the thought, but we'll see just how capable you are." Kyune watched the two girls as they began to leave. " don't like asking like this but..."

"But what?" Michi asked, turning. "You've been very helpful, Kyune. If there's something we can do for you in return, you should ask us."

"Well, there is sort of..." It slowly moved toward Sachiyo, looking up at her with it's large eye.

"Huh? Oh....Oh! You can't be serious..." She backed up toward Michiyo, hand covering her middle as she bumped against the other girl.

   Michi couldn't help but laugh a bit at her friend's reaction. "Well, I'm sure he won't force you if you're against the idea, but you were the one complaining about being left out the last few weeks..."

"But...I..." She looked back at Michiyo, blushing deeply. The starfish creature turned around slowly, looking quite defeated before she reached down to it's topmost arm, lifting him up to turn toward her. "Alright, but if I'm at work, don't do any of that weird tentacle-stuff ok?" Sachiyo narrowed her eyes at Kyune.

"Yes, sure, whatever you say." The starfish's tendrils moved over her arms slowly as Sachiyo nodded, slowly undoing her pants. It's thinner tentacles gripped onto her flesh, slipping within her arm gently with a strong tingle. Sachiyo moaned softly. "Mhn...can you give me a hand here, he seems sort of stuck to my arm..."

Michiyo nodded, standing alongside Sachiyo so her belly wouldn't be in the way. She gently took Kyune's slender arms in her fingers, trying to work them off her friend's arm.

"Sorry, just a bit excited I guess..." It retracted them, moving them toward her middle as she felt a strong sensation as they once again pushed into her body, her flesh yielding to them painlessly as they lifted up her shirt. Slowly, her navel began to expand wider, becoming increasingly sensitive.

She put a hand on Michi's shoulder for support, her other arm cradling Kyune's small body. "Whoa... you just go right through me, don't you...? I hear the volomin work like this, too, kinda..."
She could see a thick arm or two moving about under her skin, as if searching.

   Michi smiled as she gently placed her hand on Sachiyo's arm, the smaller tendrils gently pushing deeper within her. Her naval started to grow, longer and deeper as the first of it's large arms began to sink into her body, her bellybutton feeling as sensitive as her pussy. The small suckers along the bottom of it's arm tickling her new passage. "Mhn...sort of...volomin are more energy based. We decara have an affinity toward water. And your my, so much water...."

"Decara, huh...?" she mumbled, gently easing the creature in, her new orifice twitching strangely around the intruding limbs. "Yeah, Michi said once that humans are more than half water, crazy as it seems... Guess you'll like it in there, huh?"

"Mmhm, very much..." The arm reached deeper, her navel extending down further then it should as the large arm pushed it's way deeper inside, slipping two others toward the lip. It's numerous thin tendrils almost tickled as they reached around her body, slipping under her clothing and bulging out in odd ways. She suddenly felt a cool rush as the large arm pushing inside became more liquid and watery, flowing inside as her belly swelled out slowly.

An odd smile flashed across her face for a moment. "Oh...! Wow, they said it'd feel good, but I never thought... mmm... keep going..." She leaned back against the rock, cupping her hand around Kyune and drawing him closer, gently urging him into her. Sachi's belly shivered as the decara awoke sensations within it she'd never known were possible, the pleasant mass of liquid inside sloshing about with a mind of its own.

Kyune's thick arms held onto her body, rippling with dozens of suckers as her belly expanded larger and larger, flowing inside her belly as it grew over her jeans and up under her shirt. The long tendrils caressed along her thigh slowly , reaching down to her pussy and up to her bust as another arm turned to liquid and flowed into her body.

Michi respectfully turned her back, though she snuck a few peeks from time to time - whether from natural curiosity or scholarly inquisitiveness was anyone's guess. Now that Kyune was latched on with his suckers, Sachiyo was free to caress herself, encouraging the pleasant feelings that the joining was awakening within her. Her palms ran down her skin, over her hips and across her breasts, roaming under her clothes, smiling as she pet across one of Kyune's arms from time to time. She could feel her navel widen with each new arm, and she thrust her belly out a little, trying to relax her muscles to let more of the creature in.

   Kyune slipped another arm halfway inside as his eye closed, turning into more of the seemingly endless flow of water that pumped her body outward. Sachiyo's hips and thighs expanded from the overflow as her large middle rounded out heavier still. Her pants split along the sides, revealing more of her supple body. "Mmh...sooo delightful!"

Sachi quivered, gazing down at the now-watery form of her new symbiote. She thought of how she was going to be just as big as the others from now on, and shook with secret joy at the thought. "Y-yes.... get... in there...!"

The symbiote was happy to oblige, it's large arms stretching her bellybutton as wide as she could manage, eye slipping fully within. Dozens of small feat tickle and caress under the inside of her belly, the arms reaching and pushing around as the last two arms fought to slip inside, wriggling within her new passage.

She grit her teeth and breathed harder, the stimulation starting to really feel good.  She clutched her stomach as Kyune tickled within her, watching and panting as his two remaining arms flailed outside, making it look as though her body were devouring him. Her wide hips pushed her pants down, too full for them to fit her properly.

The liquid symbiote sloshed and wobbled inside her, causing her belly to sway and ripple on it's own, especially where it's smaller tendrils were. Slowly, these tendrils eased into her flesh, melding with her as the last of it's arms pushed up inside her navel, dissolving and joining the rest of the enormous mass within her body. Sachiyo's belly was now much larger then Michi's, looking inhumanly taut and full like a water balloon. Her rubbery belly was topped with an odd looking bellybutton, the perfectly circular orifice ringed by several rows of tiny muscular bumps.

"Nnnh... So this is the body I have? Not bad..." she chuckled, testing the smoothness and tightness of her skin, as well as tracing a finger around her altered navel.

Michiyo smiled as the last of the symbiote bonded with her smooth body, caressing gently
along her middle, pressing her own belly to her mass as she gave a giggle. "Welcome to the club Sachi-chan." Her finger met hers, tracing along her new opening gently.

"Thanks..." Sachi grinned, rolling her hips to rub their respective bumps together. "You should try getting one of these sometime Michi, it feels better than it looks..."

"Mmhn maybe..." She rubbed over Sachi's side as both bellies wobbled against one another. "Maybe if I could find the female seminoth and bind with her, then me and Himiko could do something..."

Sachi gave a sharp laugh, her belly of water jiggling energetically. "And I thought I'd seen everything. Well, can't you just cast the same spell that Himiko did?"

"I don't think so...the spell summoned Ordo, so it might just be for male seminoth. I didn't see any other spells though mentioning their kind." She sighed, hand gently caressing along her friend's hip. "I have no idea what one would even look like."

Sachi was quiet for a minute. If the book didn't even have a description of female seminoths, Michi couldn't summon one, not even on her best day. "Hm... what if we brought Himi and Ordo here to have them look around sometime?"

"That might work. We'd need Fyrre in order to fly around, provided she can do it from within Hasumi." She looks out over the darkness, hand idly caressing Sachiyo's round bump. "And we'd have to find that Azenor Kyune talked about. Maybe they'd know what one looks like."

She nodded. "Well heck, I'm sure Izumi would be able to show you what her Azenor looked like before she wound up that way. You said she practically gave you a vision the first time, right?"

"Yeah that's right. I suppose it's worth a shot." As she rubbed along Sachiyo's belly, she noticed the doorway behind her begin to flicker, the doorway becoming less stable. "Uh oh...looks like we better get going."

The two hurried back through the wavering gate, appearing back in the ruined clubhouse. The sun appeared to be in much the same place, barely any time passing since they'd left. She looked back at Sachiyo and smiled. "So... welcome to earth, Kyune."

Sachiyo stumbled a bit as the portal closed tightly behind them, her belly still shifting her weight a bit off balance. They reappeared among the ruins of the house as the girl rubbed over her new charge. "Huh...yeah, he thinks is a nice place, lots of wetness, whatever that means..." She blinked a bit as she got used to the light.

Michi smiled. "We'll have to take him to the beach sometime; he'll have a field day!" She looked around a bit, gathering up the things they'd left behind and clearing away the evidence of the ritual - it wouldn't do to have a stranger come across the runes here. "Well... I'd say it's been a pretty productive day, wouldn't you?"

"I guess so...geez, how do you deal with...this?" Sachi rubbed over her belly slowly, arching her back a bit toward her friend. Michiyo rested a hand under Sachiyo's belly, feeling how heavy it was. For it's triplet-sized girth, Kyune felt very heavy, more so than she expected normal children would be.

"Yikes... I don't think any of us have gotten this heavy!" she exclaimed, hefting her own belly so that Sachi could see for herself. "Well, maybe Ordo is... but he's spread through Himi's body and helps her move himself, so it's hard to measure. I wonder why Kyune's form seems so much denser...?"

"I don't know...feels like a bowling ball though." She shivered a bit as her belly rippled, then snatched up another bottle of water and downed it quickly. Sachiyo sighed as she set it down, giving a small burp. "Um...lets head back home, I'm feeling pretty thirsty..."

"Right. It must be hard for an aquatic creature to be out here in the sun." She took Sachi by the hand and led her back through the trees along the trail she'd memorized. All the while, she couldn't help but continue to wonder just what it was like to have a symbiote...

Sachi shuffled a bit, trying to get used to a waddling gait, her hand on her belly as she felt Michi squeezing her hand. "Oof, I guess so. I hope he won't go overboard though, I'd hate to end up like Hitomi." She trailed off toward the end, as though giving it more thought. Would it really be so bad? She seemed happy enough from what Michiyo had told her.

Michi giggled as they walked back. "Yeah, she is a bit rounder than usual these days... at least she's able to 'sculpt' herself more or less, so it seems manageable for now. As for Kyune, I think it's too soon to worry about that sort of thing - we'll just wait and see. They're symbiotes after all - it's not in their interest to harm us or cause undue inconvenience."

"I guess so...Depends on their view of convenience." She continued along behind her friend, noticing a car parked in the driveway. "Uh oh...Aunt Izumi's home...we'll have to use the back door."

"Oh geez... she is not going to be happy about you carrying one of them... Do you think we can even stay here? Maybe we should just go to Himiko's or something?"

"She may get suspicious if we aren't there," she huffed, trying to pull her coat around her shoulders a bit to obscure her shape. "He's still a bit small, if I hunch over with my coat maybe we can get away with telling her where we're going."

"Alright. Fingers crossed..." They went in through the back door and quietly snuck back into the basement with Hitomi, hoping that Izumi would assume they were down there the whole time.

The house was almost eerily quiet as the girls made there way through the kitchen, slowly passing behind Izumi as they made their way to the basement. The nurse was sprawled a bit on the couch, watching TV as Sachi held onto her belly, keeping a low profile. The door creaked a little as they opened it, with Izumi turning her head a little.

Michi breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew... I think we made it. Still, this is getting pretty crazy... All three of my closest friends have a... a creature living inside them now. I wonder how much longer we can keep all this a secret?"

"I don't know how you kept it a secret as long as you have." Sachi sighs, slowly moving down the stairs next to Michi and resting her weight against the couch. Almost instinctively, Hitomi began to shift and react, a large tendril reaching out from the ground toward her middle as it pressed just below her navel. "Uhhnn...I'm never going to get used to that..."

Michi smiled. "Just... try not to let it get to you. She can't help it after all... it's the only way she can talk to us."

"Yeah..right..." The thick tendrils move up along her middle, caressing and reaching over her sides as Hitmoi's large body bubbled, the eye returning to observe her new curves as it slipped deeper between her thighs. Sachiyo winced a bit as she resisted the errant tentacle, holding the couch tightly as it began to push down her pants bit by bit.

Michi watched  the scene unfold, equal parts unsettled by the thing's aberrant appearance and fascinated by its truly unique adaptation to the problem of a language barrier. In truth, she was somewhat jealous of her friends, wondering what it would be like to adapt to such an unusual symbiotic lifestyle...
Both girls nearly jumped when a thunderous door slam resounded from upstairs, with Izumi's shape following steadily afterward. "What have you been doing all this time? You've been gone for a while now and...wait....Sachi..what happened to you?!" She hurried downstairs, an accusing finger pointed at the girl as Sachiyo struggled with her pants. "This...this was this monsters doing, wasn't it? I knew they were evil!"

Michi stood up. "N-no, that's not it at all! Hitomi had nothing to do with this, we promise!" she clumsily got up and stood between Sachi and her mother, as if she hadn't already seen the tendrils trying to violate her.

"Don't even, you're both under its influence, I know it! I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago." Izumi grasped one of the rakes hanging on the wall, charging toward the huge green bulge as she pushed Michi aside. Before she got too close though, one of Hitomi's tendrils pushed up from the ground, tripping her up. Another pair rose to catch Izumi by her shoulders as the one violating near Sachiyo withdrew and began to push toward Izumi. Michiyo huddled close to her friend on the couch as Izumi struggled, thrashing as the tendril made it's way deep between her thighs, another one plugging her lips as her bewildered, terrified look began to soften a bit.

Michi's terrified heart began to slow it's frantic beating. "Oh, thank god... I think Hitomi's finally getting through to her..." She watched the silent conversation. "She's been right here all these years, but Izumi's probably stayed out of her reach all this time..."

Sachiyo nodded, slowly sitting up as she rubbed her middle, giving a burp. "Ooohn....yeah, must have been very painful for them...seems like they have a lot to discuss now anyway at least.

Michi blushed as Izumi writhed a bit in Hitomi's grasp. "Um... think we should give them some space?"

"Yeah...that's probably a good idea..." Sachi slowly made her way up toward the stares with Michi; the image of her aunt getting taken by Hitomi would stay burned in her mind for a good long while.
BAM! Let it never be said I don't listen to my readers. You want more HSS? You got it!

Much kudos to :iconifrit-7:, for polishing this up for me and of course writing half of it. Couldn't do it without ya, buddy!
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Atlas-Ares Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
Hmm... Its been 3 years, is there a chapter 11?
Ifrit and I have bounced about the idea for continuing this several times, but interest is low and I didn't do a great job of editing it... I think if you read it carefully, the narrative gets the characters mixed up with each other, since we didn't write them to be different enough.

It seems like this story is a favorite among my readers, but I'm honestly not hugely proud of what I did with it, and it will likely not be continued.
arlom Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
reboot series reboot reboot reboot! maby get madamsquiggles to help you take the relevant characters cut out the rest and put them thru a new senerio simalar to current series A FRESH NEW START and amazing world you imagined will be reborn!!
Rebooting the series is far more likely to happen than a continuation at this point... but interest is still low. I simply don't write as much as I used to.
throne-king-master Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
I am in love with this story! Your brilliance knows no bounds. You AND your co-writer/director/editor/etc.
I don't mean to be too prudent, but I cannot wait any longer for your next chapter. After all, It's your fault for putting in too many cliffhangers.
Will Ordo continue to grow with no sign of slowing in sight?
What will become of Izumi and Hitomi? Or really, Hitomi in general?
Will the gang really travel together to the "Other World" and find this enlightened Azenor?
Is there someone/something in this "Other World" that's causing it to fall apart?
Is there really a female Seminoth, or are everyone's hopes in vain?
Will Ryota and Himiko become something more, or will Michi sway the heart of the young lass.
I could go on, but I'm getting too excited myself! I understand if life is taking up too much of your time. If there is anything we, the community members of DeviantArt, can do to help, please let us know.
rissaangel Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
You have to finish have an amazing story here with a lot of room to continue -bringing everyone back to the alien world and using each aliens abilities to find the female. Implant himi with the female seminoth and let her and Ordo duke it out, if you know what I mean...maybe they could all join in. and since she already had Ordos seed the female seminoth would be impregnated
arlom Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014

amazing story with this many characters i love see this completed though


 i dono haveing that male character boyfriend maby if you removed him from story be easyer to write rest of it since he realy didnt add anything into story at all unless he gets a symbiot also and there be bit of mpreg and when in public people just thinks it a beer gut unless you do fat or muscle inflation


OtakuCaboose Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
I do so look forward to the next exciting installment, and the end of this particular chapter feels like sweet catharsis to me.

May want to be a bit more careful with the proofreading, however.  A few lines swap names around, mostly Hitomi and Himiko, and near the end Izumi was suddenly Sachiyo's mother :p
Yeah, it's one of the reasons progress was arrested on this thing. Too many characters I think, things got a little out of hand.

If my job ever stops killing my creative impulses, I'll go back and fix it all D:
Scientist007 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
I agree with the previous posters. Can't wait to find out what happens next.
grandacez Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
I am a fan of your series sir, I read every chapter there is, I understand if lifes a bitch, perhaps you can get your friend to help you out when you can coordinate with him or send him a script or whatever to type up for this series, just an idea
X4321234X Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
Have you been able to write any of 11? If so, how along are you?
Updates have stagnated.
serleena5 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Omg, I'm so addicted to this story! It's so awesome, and i can't wait for the next chapter!=D
ReclusiveStoryteller Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
Thanks! Updates have stagnated a bit though...
serleena5 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
No worries, take your time. I know chapter 11 will be great!
DarkmoonBlade Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
This whole thing is brilliant!

I really like how you're shifting around the perspective, and I do really look forward to Michi finding a female seminoth...that sounds incredibly hot.
elek-tronikz Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A great story you've both written thus far. Take your time with Chapter 11. Greatness takes time.
Thanks so much! High praise from one so talented as yourself.
elek-tronikz Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, shucks. :D I can't wait to read the next chapter.
RedRunner101 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Water is HEAVY! 'A pint's a pound the world around' as they say. And hurry up with chapter 11!
Sorry! Life's been a bitch lately.
timebomber427 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Is the next to include that elusive female seminoth? I'm sure that no matter what it may be, longer breaks between chapters either means
A) Hard Work
B) Extraneous Demands
C) Procrastination.

I hope it's not C...
Yes and no. I'm struggling to get some work done IRL and it's slow going. Also it's been a while since I've gotten a chance to have regular contact with the co-author, :iconifrit-7:
efmi Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
can't wait for the next chapter(s)
DresdenQ Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
spectacular! more please! This series is the most interesting thing i've read in a long time! keep it up!
xemnas1170 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
next one soon???
X4321234X Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012
Don't mean to be pushy, but are you going to upload more soon? Lol, I'm practically obsessed.
No, I take it as a compliment! Unfortunately, I'm dealing with some pressing concerns IRL at the moment.
Dthominion Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Writer
Yes, I am thoroughly onboard this story. This is the first original story I have thoroughly enjoyed anywhere online...though it being my taste completely probably has something to do with that...

I really can't wait for more.
Glad to hear it! What is it that so captured your interest, if I may ask?
Dthominion Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Student Writer
It's coherent, complete, not just a pointless fetish story; it has plot. And a very interesting one at that. Interdimensional beings entering girls bodies and merging with them...Really, it feels almost as if you wrote this with me in mind...

Did I mention I love Ordo?

I feel like making fanfiction of this story...
Fanfiction of fiction? Hehe, that'd be something.
jameson7856 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
finally got some time to read to story, well it a good one and i wait a long time pal don't keep me waiting K?
maniax362 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
I sent a note regarding the typos. Sorry I couldn't put them in bold, but the corrections are there.
ReclusiveStoryteller Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
Yes - funny thing, I tried to correct them at one point, but then it didn't save (apparently). Don't worry! It's on my list of things to do.
maniax362 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
There's a couple more typos, but I'll just PM you about those later.
I fixed the it's > its and the stairs. Thank you so much again for continuing to keep an eye out for typos, I REALLY appreciate it!
maniax362 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
Also, wrong "stares" in the last paragraph. Should be "stairs."
maniax362 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
Toward the end, you've got a couple "it's" that need to be "its."
maniax362 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
Amazingfulness as usual!
Robbie06261995 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Yay, I love this story!
You're welcome!
Robbie06261995 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
dummyac Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Can't wait to see what happens next!
falloutghoul Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
I wonder what Izumi and Hitomi are discussing...
I'm sure you'll find out...
falloutghoul Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012
*hopes they settled differences and Izuma got sense talked into her thick skull* :XD:
RiddleAugust Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
Hehe this series is such a tease! Every new chapter just gives me more questions to ponder. Well done both of you!
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